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The Law of Worthiness

We are worthy far beyond measure and are more precious than diamonds. Others will see the divine in us if we accept who we are. Standing up for ourselves in a world that is filled with evil is a tall order. The only way to change what is wrong is to be a voice of resistance. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. We are Divine. We are perfection. Those who try to argue against this are merely sadists. Be thankful for your faults because they are […]

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How to Phone Psychics

Here is a very easy and direct way how to get psychic readings from real psychics. Just pick up the phone and call the psychic and let them begin to talk to you. Be prepared to give your questions to the psychic and be open-minded. They will soon begin to talk to you, and pretty soon, you will be talking to a real psychic. Step 1: Be open to the possibilities The most important thing is to be open to the psychic because, a lot of times, […]

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He is the Vine, While We Are the Branches

As we think about the many ways of defining the church and how it functions, we look at various examples and see many that call us to the mind of the connection- not to mention the many stories about the many men and women who have sojourned within our ranks. The picture that God painted before the very eyes of Moses in the desert when he was sent before the hosts of God on that trip, with their attachments and the many activities they were to engage […]

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Buddhist Meditation – A Simple Technique to Get You Started

There are many ways to meditate. Buddhists approach meditation differently than most of us. So here’s a simple technique I encourage you to try. The first step is to decide which method fits you best. Step 2 Let your consciousness feel everything possible. Imagine your consciousness is swelling with each new idea that arises. Keep imagining as long as it does not feel like you are losing control of yourself. Once you have pictured all the ways that you can take control of your thoughts, feelings, and […]

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“Here I Am (I Promise)” – How To Feel is confirmed in what you say and write, especially when things appear bleak.

Taking a look at the current climate we live in, we can easily perceive that what some are saying is not all that bad. They are, relatively speaking, not the center of any real establishment or shift in the world. But what they are saying is that the state of the world, as seen by the general public, is not so hot. Now, this could easily be the case if the media and the public at large were to do their job and report on the actual […]

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