“Here I Am (I Promise)” – How To Feel is confirmed in what you say and write, especially when things appear bleak.

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Taking a look at the current climate we live in, we can easily perceive that what some are saying is not all that bad. They are, relatively speaking, not the center of any real establishment or shift in the world. But what they are saying is that the state of the world, as seen by the general public, is not so hot. Now, this could easily be the case if the media and the public at large were to do their job and report on the actual facts of the Guardian and the other newspapers doing their job i.e. providing us with the balance Heard and responding to each other as honestly as possible.

But it doesn’t seem that way. You only have to watch the nightly news and the Sunday newspapers to know this.

What is behind these seemingly maximalist assertions? There is Fear. “Now with Israel comes the throne and the threat of straining the relationship between the United States and Israel to the breaking point.” Michael E. Salla, The Israel-US Journal, November 29, 2006

Indeed the US-Israel relationship is already strained to the point of economic threats; in turn, festering political tensions and the even more precarious “raid” of September 11th put paid to any illusions of a smooth ride.

Yes, there is a salad- reforms which need to be made to ensure that these threats do not become actualized, ie, the whole thing blows up and goes nuclear. But, “raid” seems a rather strong metaphor, in that there appears to be little actuality to fear, i.e., imagine an Indiana Jones movie where the Great Dame is real, only imagine less pressure actually to convert to Christianity.

Infinity cannot be contained because it is infinite and also non-local. Infinity cannot be measured because it is measured to by people and their imaginations. Likewise, hard facts about the Middle East conflict cannot be “sealed” because that would become impossible.

However, believing in something that is “not quite there yet” leaves us in a place of understandable wanting. Something which, I believe, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr referred to as “a little bit hopeless.”

But, as I pointed out to Joe, my friend, things are not as they seem. My experience and my musings have convinced me that there is not much to fear except the fear of one’s own limited perspective of humanity. And that perspective of limited vision, like a hole in a bread crust, allows one to stretch one’s mind and imagination into greater depths than meeting one’s own expectations.

As far as I have been able to tell, I am told they are not as bad as the alternative if they were made so. However, everyone’s own nightmares are not as bad or worse than the alternative. At least, the alternative is the same nightmares repeatedly but somehow more disconcerting in the sense of being untouchable and out of reach.

I believe it is a baton given to us by our ancestors to let us know that we can change the future of our world and, indeed, of an entire generation and more. If we can imagine it, we can do it.

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