Buddhist Meditation – A Simple Technique to Get You Started

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There are many ways to meditate. Buddhists approach meditation differently than most of us. So here’s a simple technique I encourage you to try. The first step is to decide which method fits you best.

  • Unless you are severely this freaking out, you can use a beginner’s technique for meditation on your own. Find a nice area in your home or where you like to go for meditation. Light a stick of incense, maybe even a candle. Light some candles, and then begin to meditate.
  • Imagine that your feelings are growing unbearable. This is a picture, not a proper technique.

Step 2

Let your consciousness feel everything possible. Imagine your consciousness is swelling with each new idea that arises. Keep imagining as long as it does not feel like you are losing control of yourself. Once you have pictured all the ways that you can take control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, then let them go and return to feeling.

Step 3

Rather than fight the thoughts that arise, allow them to pass. Within these new ideas, merely allow yourself to draw what you need to create them. Let the flow of creation take place without striving.

Step 4

For now, breathe in the good, and release the bad. Whenever you think negatively, bring yourself back to the moment and switch to a positive thought. Contributor_ sterling has compiled a huge list of ways to overcome negative thoughts. Try these, and then let go and let God.

Letting go of thoughts and the sense of struggle it creates is a mysterious concept. In Buddhist Sanskrit, it is cognizance or awareness. It means that awareness is simply noticing the multitude of thoughts in your head. Without getting into a discussion with yourself, you are aware of the selection necessary for the type of creation you desire.

When you understand that you are making choices for creation, and you allow yourself to experiment with these creations without any barriers fully, then you can fully understand this process and begin to take full responsibility for it as well.

It means that the Universe will support you in creating whatever you need to create and will support you fully as a co-creator. At this point, the enterprise of creation is fully up to you.

In short, we can fully control our own lives because we fully understand that the Universe is in complete control of everything. The more we take this control and use it, the more benefits we get as well. It takes complete responsibility to take full responsibility for your happiness.

Your happiness is not in your paycheck or your bag full of possessions. It is not in the ability of other people to make you happy. Your own ability to remain happy is the highest form of self-care. And this beautiful equilibrium becomes a reality.

Consider it. Isn’t it amazing that the more you choose a positive attitude and try to create the life you deserve actively, the more beautiful your life will become?

May the universe shower you with warm abundance and your heart never lack.

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