He is the Vine, While We Are the Branches

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As we think about the many ways of defining the church and how it functions, we look at various examples and see many that call us to the mind of the connection- not to mention the many stories about the many men and women who have sojourned within our ranks.

The picture that God painted before the very eyes of Moses in the desert when he was sent before the hosts of God on that trip, with their attachments and the many activities they were to engage in, is still that of our lives as we look over the many chapters of our lives.

We see the branches that are growing, here as in the casual branches, but we also see the deep branches that are busily eastern in writing their own scriptural stories.

The branch of God sends Moses to survey the savannah, and he is going to tell the hosts what they are to do, but the problem is there were thousands of them, and not one single host had Authority (to instruct) to speak to the children of Israel what to do-not one. As the story unfolds, it gets worse- harbors are there to protect the flocks from the scourge of the wilds.

Each article of the Bible is written by a student of God’s communication, directing him to that which is to come. This forces the Holy Spirit to go into action, and he then takes the written words and acts them out with great power to direct the lives of the young people toward a positive end.

In due time, 18 months or a year later, came the Exodus, when the Children of Israel finally had written their script and the children of Israel started moving out of Egypt, knowing that the great Exodus was near and the children of the whenever-tense-of-year were reaping what they had sown.

We never hear of Moses or Ezekiel or Ruth, let alone the sons of the true vine.

I grew up on a farm, not too distant from the city, and most of the time, there was not a lot of motion, but things were in balance.

The other side of the pen was facing the grain direction, and grain was the physical representation of the work that was due to be done until the very end-all of that motion; behind it, all was the Holy Spirit reminding me of what was to come.

Our Life as Christians is in the same boat.

Nothing major, but the Holy Spirit causes me to constantly re-attend and remind myself of what is to come and what I am to do with my gifts and abilities.

Why spend on what is come or has tarry past its sell-by date when you could have had it all on the Greatest Day of all time?

The Power of the Holy Spirit is more than creating the ability to play the piano or the ability to sing in public; it is the power to cause a transformation in the life of the receiver. Now you want to change from the inside out?

Or, in another way, I could say it. Power is the ability to get something to work or to use the gift you already have in the most efficient way. Whatever that gift may be.

Food For Thought

Is this: When all else fails, look to God.

Which is: How can I use this/that skill that can help me fill my day with something positive/productive?

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