How to Phone Psychics

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Here is a very easy and direct way how to get psychic readings from real psychics. Just pick up the phone and call the psychic and let them begin to talk to you.

Be prepared to give your questions to the psychic and be open-minded. They will soon begin to talk to you, and pretty soon, you will be talking to a real psychic.

Step 1: Be open to the possibilities

The most important thing is to be open to the psychic because, a lot of times, they will not reveal everything. They have a lot of really good things they want to tell you, and many of them use lots of phrases to get your attention, like; talking to animals, another person, the devil, expletives, swearing, monkey memes, and lots more.

Don’t just take it at face value it is far better to step back and read between the lines to see what the possibilities are before you make your decision to have a reading with them.

Step 2: Relax

Be relaxed. The best way to get a better reading is to focus on your breathing. Light a candle or a candle shadow and look at the flame. Focus on the flame of the candle and take your time spiraling up and down with your hand (don’t let your mind get in the way) and see where the flame is at the different levels.

Watch the flame as it grows and where it stops. When you have done this a few times, you will be very comfortable with feeling the energy on your hands.

Step 3: Visualize

This is a very simple but powerful way to get an instant psychic reading. Walk into the room and divide the room in half from one side to the other. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE SPIRITUAL!

Everyone should be in half, me included. I was in the living room, so I hemisphere stood.

Step 4: Use your imagination

Remember the flame, where the candle flame meets the wall. Give this your best attention because if you don’t, then the probability of you getting a not-so-good reading is very high.

Step 5: Don’t stress about the reading

Stress is something that is not created in the world of psychic readings, so let yourself relax.

Step 6: Don’t try to overinterpret the reading

Many people get the feeling they are being judged by the psychic, and they act on these judgments. Instead, let the psychic take a break from judging and read for themselves. It is best to let them take however long it takes to get the information and judge yourself when you get the reading.

It is best to remember when you get a psychic reading, it is not about whether you agree with what they are saying; it is about whether you can understand what they are saying.

Step 7: Relax, meditate and let it flow.

To give the best possible reading, you want to be mentally and physically relaxed. You want to meditate and let the energy flow. It is very important to breathe correctly as you are sitting in a chair when you do psychic readings and the best way to judge how much breathing you are doing is to see how many times you take a deep breath. The more you do this, the better your voice will be able to tell the difference between when something is emotionally challenging or not.

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