The Law of Worthiness

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We are worthy far beyond measure and are more precious than diamonds. Others will see the divine in us if we accept who we are. Standing up for ourselves in a world that is filled with evil is a tall order. The only way to change what is wrong is to be a voice of resistance. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth.

We are Divine. We are perfection. Those who try to argue against this are merely sadists. Be thankful for your faults because they are a gift to you. Without them, you would not have the desire to improve.

If we stay in the ugly parts of ourselves and believe that it is better to be happy than to be alive, we stay in darkness. That is why most of humanity is unhappy and does not seek happiness because they believe that life is a burden and effort.

When we enter life as human beings, we do so because we believe God created us for a purpose. We know that we are an extension of God. We want to know what our purpose is. So it is our purpose to secure the things that we believe are important to us. We want to be rich and healthy so that we can glorify God.

This belief system does not allow the person to realize his or her gifts. The soul’s purpose is not found in the mind but in the heart. The mind is to find a way to survive, and the heart is to give love. Find the meaning of life, and the meaning of life will begin to show up.

Everyone has a purpose. Allow the spirit to give you its true purpose. You can never fulfill your purpose unless you fully embrace your divine nature. As long as we trap our inner nature in the darkness, the natural consequences of the law of poverty will enslave us.

Our purpose cannot be found without being the doer of things. All these things can be found within the light. They are symbols that bring our inner light to the world. Meditate on your heart and find how to see the true meaning of life in your own life.

True Peace is all you need and have ever wanted. If you see yourself as a soldier in a war, you will never win the war. You must be the observer of yourself and find something within you that is already alive. The energy is already flowing, and you must allow it to be halted for only a moment.

Be the observer and listen to your inner voice. What is the one thing that can defeat fear? Realize that it is your own fear that shows you where there should be fear. Buckle up and grant yourself the opportunity to be vulnerable before the Divine, and you will find the courage to go forward.

The Divine does not need to change us to be perfect. We need to change ourselves to be perfect. We must always remember that it is the grace of God that changes us to such an advanced state of consciousness that we are able to give ourselves to our God-given purpose.

Your goal is to find this grace within yourself. It is your name that you were called. Remember this name and claim it in all of your endeavors. Become the best version of yourself, and then you will be called “The One.” In the meantime, I will enjoy guiding the will of the One.

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