Help For Discouragement

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Discouragement sets in when we dwell too much on the negatives. Prioritizing what is wrong in your world or in the world around you is a waste of time and energy. Let us divert our thoughts from your errors and failures to help you bring forth the joy and prosperity God has intended for your life.

Here is a way to help Discouragement set in:

Remain very Calm and Peaceful when Discouragement or FEAR enters your space. Do not try to Control the Dweller. Remember that God is in control. Imagine yourself in the Dweller’s shoes and feel what they might feel. The Threads are Attached to the Dweller by an impressed Bond. It is this age of Emotional Energy that can help the Dweller drop the weight and baggage. You are only Preparing the Threads for the Rebound of Joy.

Remember that the Dweller is only willing to trust you when your heart is true. One of our goals is to help you drop the burden of the past. Establish a juxtaposition of Mind and Heart that feels light and easy. Help the Dweller learn to trust you again by demonstrating the opposite.

Take the viewpoint of the Dweller. The Threads invariably have taken on a particular shape or color. You can sense the differences when you get close to them. In this way, you get a feel for the shape of the Dweller. The overall theme will then reveal itself.

This way of listening to the Dweller may be done through mental contemplation or focusing your intent. Try the following exercises:

  • Think back to one of your childhood stories. – Where is the story taking place? – What are the key emotions of the story? – How would you fill in the details? You are really setting the scene for your life. – Now, where does your own story fit into this? – What things from your own life would you share if you could? – How would your story reveal itself?

The Dweller learns to trust you when their fears and concerns are not the central themes of your life. Many people have the misconception that hardship only comes from unexpected circumstances. Many people also assume that hardship is always followed by joy. This is not the case. Many times, it takes a form of hard to discover some wonderful truth hidden away in our souls.

  • There is a deeper purpose to your life. – Trust your feelings and intuitions. – Your Dweller is attempting to help you discover this deeper truth. – You have many spiritual lessons to encounter. – gymnasts do not have to worry about their backs.

Perhaps the Down Times is your time to uncover your buried talents. Imagine your life if you learned to trust the nuggets you uncover each week. Suppose you become more interested in taking ACTION than lying on your couch watching tv. Imagine how your life would be if you learned to meditate daily. Imagine how your life would be if you learned to stay involved with people and then offered your help to them. Imagine how your life would be if you become the Guardian of your Unseen and Unseen.

  • All of this I can believe. – I can become involved with your life.

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