What Are the Akashic Records? Guidance and Enlightenment

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Put quite simply; your Akashic Records are the energetic memory bank of your Soul’s journey since your beginning. They contain the stories of every thought, feeling, and action you have had during this time. They are the knowledge of your Soul’s journey and its purpose; they are the history of you and your Soul and, ultimately, the record of all that you have learned due to your Soul’s journey.

Your Soul is omnipresent. This means that your Soul is everywhere at all times. Your Soul intends to experience every kind of joy and sorrow in its journey. It is to experience itself in as many forms as possible and to know itself as a direct and unique expression of the divine.

Your Soul is to know itself as you are to know yourself. Your Soul is to understand itself in its journey and to take responsibility for its choices. Your Soul took time to create each of us, so it is our duty to return the favor and service to our Soul. Everything in life is for our highest and best good and to create what we want in life.

Your Soul is to direct its energy in the most effective way it knows how thereby creating the life it desires for itself. Your Soul is to direct its energy in such a way that benefits you, your family, your community, your world community, planet earth, and your universe simultaneously.

Every person, every creature, every plant, and every mineral has its own individual purpose. To recognize the importance of each would totally distract us from the purpose of our Souls. The depth of understanding we allow ourselves to expand to the scope of the Universe and the Universe co-creates with us the abundance of life experiences we all hope will be of value to our Soul’s journey.

Your Soul knows exactly what it is up to at any moment and creates possibilities for itself out of the intense focus and constant support it requires to realize its purpose fully. The Universe looks out for you and makes sure your Soul knows the same. This is how communication occurs; reverse engineering is humanity’s goal. The ability for us to communicate directly without going into the mind of the intellect is a remarkable process we are all capable of doing, but few practices.

By Loving you awake and transfixed with the power of Intention, I let the synchronization of the two synchronize perfectly with each other. And I let your Soul Direct its energy in such a way that its purpose is achieved.

The intention is to create a conduit of energy to the Universe and ask for certain things and for others to be allowed to occur. With these written instructions being given to your Soul and reading subconsciously as truth, the impulses you feel and experience are stored in memory for future use.

Relax, be patient and Trust your Soul, your essence, in its alchemical process of discovering itself and its purpose. The Universe wants to perfectly coordinate the energies released on your world so your Soul can directly begin to awaken its gifts through your experience and guidance directly to you.

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