Are You Ready For a Spiritual & Personal Transformation?

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“There I say unto you. What things you desire, when you pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Romans 8:28 (KJV)

You are wondering what a spiritual and personal transformation is. Then you may ask whether this applies to me. No matter what our ages are, we all face crossroads while traveling on the runways of our lives. Webster’s New World Dictionary (1991) clearly defines spiritual as: of the spirit or soul; of consisting of spirit; refined in thought and feeling… carried to renewed life in Christ. A spiritual journey is a personal renewal and elevation experience, which is a result of applying the word of God personally to our current situation.

A personal transformation is drawing down God’s glory, supernaturally and supernaturally delivered. Paul, the apostle, was transformed by the advisers in his life. He was so moved by the Holy Spirit that he was transformed to proclaiming that Jesus was Lord and Christ was God.

Cord wrestles with this fact in his life. He was used to arguing with his mother, running away from his father, defying the religious leaders of his time, and serving as an Advocate. He even went to prison for his actions. Yet through it all, he was a faithful Christian, and he prayed for God to work in his life.

What about you? Haven’t you been presented with a challenge of your own? Have you prayed for God to work in your life? Are you a Christian who’s had it lately? If so, praise God that God loves you in spite of whatever you’ve gone through.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” Psalm 27:1 (KJV)

Yes, you are a Christian. Shouldn’t you pray for God’s help? Is God the answer to your challenge? If you are, then make a choice to pour out your heart in humble repentance in prayer. Without honor in words, the price will be too dear to you. Do everything in prayer that you can to rid your life of the filth and grist that only God can get rid of.

Are you challenging people with your words? Well, let me tell you this. A Schwartz (Christ Jesus?) was challenged! He refused to go his way which revealed his heart of unfulfilled duty. He wished to serve his whole lifetime in unfulfilled duty. There’s no change you can make regarding that decision.

A life of no purpose is one of the worst dredges in life. I have the following poem that I wrote during the intensive counseling process.

It should be your daily meditation.

Do not look further than your nose

It will come to you in time.

Pleasant though it may smell

It is clean enough to eat

Pleasant though it may look

It is busy enough to beSure

Pleasant though it may sound

It is busy enough to beSure

Pleasant though it may look

It is loving enough to heal your soul

Ple thought out of action

Keep a smile on your face

So your prayer will be heard.

Do it now, while all unrighteousness doth resist!

by Paul Arment

P.S. A lesson for young adults: using the N-P mindset (next article)will help you not come up with new thoughts that will cause you a lot of strife..

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