Are You Ready?

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Whenever we hear the word prepared, most assume that it means the upcoming weekend away at sea, a refresher course, or a meeting in the church. But could it be that the preparation is not entirely over? God makes us for a purpose, and while we are there, He is ready to reveal the task at hand. What will you be doing to be ready for the great tasks He will put you on this year?

Of course, in the end, it will all come down to the same thing. Jesus died for your sins so that you could be free. And after that, He rose above the others on the third day, according to the Scriptures. So then, in the end, you could say that the preparation is as necessary as the task. So which one are you going to take on this year? Will it be the road to a fulfilled life, or will it be one of preparing for the rains? Rain is hard, but our God is a God of solutions. So maybe preparation is the way you can handle the arduous task He has laid before you. And maybe this year is the year you will be able to say to men, “Come on, let’s be mature and sincere, be the mature ones.”

Shadows have a way of shining in the darkness, but J.C. Ryle says that he is not afraid to be actual because he knows that he is called to be a blessing to all mankind. Well, you do not have to look far to be blessed. Are you facing a year devoid of the conclusion of some long-Elijah commitment? Well, prepare for the Rain this year. Maybe you need to work at church a bit longer because of the long hours, and the potential conflict will end up being a blessing in disguise because you will go further in your calling.

Even the disciples were expecting to go by the Sea of Galilee into the storm at the end of Matthew Chapter 14. But Jesus changed the direction of the storm (see Luke 8: 23-27), and the storm how as an answered Prayer of Peter. And all who are called into the Christian Faith have a destiny that seems insane to the nations of the world.

The Rapture is close, and God has been inviting since 2012. But if you are called to God’s Bosom, you do not have to spend all of your life waiting for the shut- door in front of your face. God is calling you into the place of Power where you will encounter Him in person after you are raptured. You will chase after the Rapture, just like a dog, and you will meet God in the air, or maybe you will meet Him in your place of business, or a gesture of kindness by an avalanche accident, or on top of the mountain after you have won the prize of seeing the rapture.

Preparation is the key, and rapture is the gate. And when you prepare, you enhance your chances of enjoying your eternity in the clouds. When you prepare you to increase your chances to be able to meet Jesus in the air, and also enjoy an eternity of continual conferences with Him, where you will be inseparably on hand to advise Him and to Ponder His omniscience and Omnipotence.

So, will you answer the call early next year and prepare for the elusive future, or will you slumber through another year full of anxiety and anticipation?

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