Introduction to Wicca – The Runes

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Runes are not magical tools.

Runes were not even discovered until solving techniques based on their meanings became widely available in the twentieth century.

They are energy and mental energy, for want of a better description.

It can be difficult to know what they mean unless you understand their history and the anthems behind them.

They are usually simply symbols, nothing more than guidelines that tell us how to use their energies.

But they have a history in they are a major tool for divination.

Everyone can read the runes; there is no such thing as a lucky dip for the lucky few. You either have the ability to tap into the energies or not.

There is no cleansing ritual unless you wish to try to forget the energies altogether.

But even when you have the ability to read the runes, whatever you do, you will still find that you will have to redo the spells over again after each energy blow.

This is because there is no pattern, no blueprint to follow, for the successful reading of the runes.

It is up to you to find the patterns, the keys to the words and energies.

But even more, many traditionalists get so concerned with the obligatory runes that they make all their other work 100% linked to runes.

This is something that is perfect for traditionalists but raises confusion for nonbelievers.

The Laws of automatic writing or rune casting do not work magic unless you have the right points of view, and these are not always easy to find.

So just cast the runes, and keep your eyes open for your next good news.

To effect any outcome, you must be able to define your goals.

The more specific your goals, the better the chances are of achieving them.

Use the time and energy wisely. Spend time reading and studying rune-related material as much as possible to help you achieve your goals.

Put all your magical practicing into words and filter through reality and practical situations, and you will have maximum effectiveness.

Mythical Wisdom. Rune #31: “The older, the better the wine.”

Relatively speaking, you should not wait too long to drink a full-strength pilsner if you can help it.

Always buy the best you can find, wherever it can be found.

More than any other rune, it is the rune of Visualization.

Do not be too specific about what you want to do.

Do not be too philosophical and doubt yourself.

Keep your actions simple and not be too poetic.

Let your actions be symbolic but not so symbolic.

Be realistic. Do not over-accomplish.

By doing too much, you will overcompensate, and you will end up spending more than you should.

The higher the price, the greater the profit.

Selling your soul is a waste of time.

If you can trust the universe, it will provide.

And when you have the rune inside your head, you will become more intelligent.

Sell your time; that is what the Strongetimes by arithmetic is all about.

To be successful, put your amazing abilities to work.

No one has ever failed. No one will ever fail.

The future is yet to come. We don’t know what it holds!

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