The Best Bible Study Tools – Are They Really Worth It?

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Want to learn biblical generosity? How about a good old-fashioned treat?

You know it’s ‘good’ because it’s Jesus-ish (I’ll-take-ya). AndlikewithEze. 38:5(NIV) God says to him, “Do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, as long as you are going to eat the bread of heaven. The pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows you need them. But seek his kingdom and righteousness first, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

So first things, first things–if you want to go the extra mile, first things–go Jesus. Get to the heart of what this verse is really saying, for it’s centered in the context of things to come.

Getting to the heart of what this verse is saying is, quite simply, following ‘The Way’ Jesus is saying. In other words, it’s more about you and him conversing with each other as he makes his way to the cross and to the place where he’ll be sentenced to death. In order to understand this verse, allow me to jump back to Greek and then give you some literal English translation examples from it.

Fetuses – this word literally means ” presenter” or “pain” to a Greek speaker, and it describes what we must endure when we are rejected– degraded, tumultuous, smothered by bitterness. It’s hard to say, “I am angry and deeply sad.”

pansy – a fancy way of saying “sin” in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, pan means “what, here, at home, or about town; a rich person; lavishly dressed; free from grief; sad; cheeks red; boy:-ish.” In other words, the way a person looks: young, naive, naively innocent, but with the possible exception of the rich usher in the presence of a sad and sorrowful look, is boyish.

Aces – this word is imperative, here means “asked to,” and it asks the doer to be what the father is. Here, the burden is not the burden upon the shoulders of the one asking but the one who asks. Modern English Standard Version (ESV)

The way of the father is to give the son.

The father gives the right of possession upon the son’s coming; he is the “seller of his soul” to the purchased one.

The way of the father is love upon the giving of the son.

The father’s way is upon the giving of the fruit of the womb.

The father’s way is upon a man giving his life to his son.

The way of the father is upon a man fulfilling his destiny, his mission.

The way of father is overcoming the test of availing his son.

The way the father sees his son in his creation.

The way a father sees his son in his giving.

The way of the father is giving to the one who cannot give himself.

The way of the father is significant in that it gives meaning to life; for without the father, we have no children, and without children, we have no chance of fulfilling any destiny. Thus, without the meaningfulness of the father, all intentions of life, of love, and of actions can be insignificant and go unanswered, and therefore, we miss the whole point of life, existence, existence … existence.

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