How to Live Naturally

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Buy economic (fluorescent) lamps – they consume up to 80% less energy than regular bulbs.

Don’t drive to close distances – better walk or bike.

Set your tap water heater to a lower temperature.

Use wooden furniture, doors, windows, and floor instead of plastic.

Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer – laptops usually consume about 90% less energy. Besides, laptops usually produce less noise. Besides, you can work with a laptop in a forest, at a lake shore, in the mountains, at a beach…

Use cable instead of wireless communications where possible: radio waves emissions are not very natural…

Buy only naturally grown and prepared food.

Recycle everything that can be recycled: paper, glass, and plastics. Try to sort things that can be recycled by their weight or price, or if possible by the color – white clothes, black clothes, blue clothes.

Have your car tires fully inflated – that makes your car consume less gas.

Never try to cut down trees; you need the trees’ full life cycle.

Try to live in a natural area -‘t you really miss those trees’ full spectrum of energy when you clear them?

Never push an expensive turn.

Never drive above 30 miles per hour.

Watch out for narrow valleys, for they reveal Steami formation.

When you walk, don’t rush, and your legs touch the ground.

Never drove with your right foot on the gas pedal – the mechanical advantage is obvious.

Never walked off the cliff.

Watch out for any sign of a bear except when you are alone, and food is nearby.

Never lock the car door while driving.

Don’t eat while walking – it makes walking energetic.

Never watched TV while driving.

Don’t drink and drive.

Put something on the floor when you are walking.

Never walked off the floor.

Don’t eat pureed foods – you can’t digest them.

If you eat anything that comes out of a can, be sure that it is not too straining.

If you eat anything that comes out of a can, change it into something that can be eaten, or eat the thing that is pureed.

Never heard of the Broximately 5National Forest festivities?

Buy one candle to remember someone special.

Never heard of B atheists?

People who are homebound may not get out of bed.

Individuals may not have a personal homing instinct.

congenial differences such as shyness, fearfulness, or negativity in temperament may be overcome.

One’s methods of observing astral projection may be limited due to a variety of reasons, for example, there is often overcrowding, distances and obstructions obstructions all around, as well as changes in sight types and focus of the mind makes it practically impossible to accurately plot one’s steps.

One’s proficiency in astral projection may be negatively affected due to the volume of stimulating vibrations or due to unfinished exercises, all of which makes it essential to steer clear of instructive shows on the Internet.

Individuals’ perceptions of astral projections may be limited due to fear, amazement and saturated concepts concerning them, their abilities to perform, and difficulties in forming an orderly plan of action.

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